Vanguard Promo


Vanguard Promo is a promotional product distributor that provides product expertise and concierge level service with graphic design capabilities, packaging, kitting, fulfillment, and distribution to brands in need of a consistent look and feel. The family-owned enterprise, with four offices along the East Coast, helps brands promote themselves with high-quality exclusive products at competitive prices and unparalleled service.


“One of Vanguard’s guiding principles is—customers come first. Understanding the broad-reaching impact of user-friendly design, the Vanguard team openly listened to our User Experience recommendations and entrusted us to make smart choices throughout the process. As our partnership continues, we will keep testing and improving upon the features that keep their customers coming back.”

Something Digital


Vanguard Promo was looking to replatform their existing site to Magento 2 Commerce. Vanguard was also in need of a site experience that really embodied their brand and give them more self-sufficiency when managing their site. 


Something Digital designed and replatformed onto Magento 2 Commerce using our SD Commerce Accelerator theme and implemented a responsive, front end experience that embodied the look and feel of the Vanguard brand. SD helped Vanguard become self sufficient when managing their store through the use of uRapidflow for product uploads, a custom designed BlueFoot CMS enabled homepage, and one-on-one training on the Magento Commerce platform.