Visit Sofab

Sofab is a new B2C brand owned by Standard Furniture, bringing modern, comfortable sofas to customers directly through their ecommerce site. A high level of craftsmanship and durability is the objective for the Sofab brand, and it certainly shows in their products.


Something Digital built a Magento 2 Commerce cloud ecommerce store for using the SD Commerce Jupiter theme. SD integrated the site with SeekAR, an augmented reality experience allowing customers to place products into their homes digitally while using mobile devices. The site was integrated with Yotpo to allow customers to share their opinions easily with ratings. A sticky ‘add to cart’ button was added on the PDP for a better customer experience. SD implemented a store locator driven by the extension IWD to allow customers to easily find retail stores near them. The new site was integrated with Magento’s BlueFoot content management system, providing Sofab with the ability to create and manage dynamic content.

SD also installed and configures the Welt Pixel Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce UA GTM Tracking extension, giving Sofab advanced ecommerce tracking throughout the entire shopping funnel.