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Malin + Goetz is a New York based, family owned business focused on simplified skincare solutions for all skin types. Formulated with natural ingredients and proven advanced technologies, every product is gentle and effective without sacrificing luxury.

Something Digital implemented UX/UI improvements to Malin + Goetz’s Magento 1 store on both the homepage and checkout page.

SD modified the homepage to include dynamic text on top of images to improve SEO. Secondary and primary button styling was established for consistency throughout the site. SD also ensured users receive feedback when interacting with elements on the page by adding hover states where appropriate.

The checkout form was optimized to follow natural eye patterns and labels were ensured to display for all fields. Reducing friction was the key goal of the simplification of the header and the removal of the credit card type field.

SD also ensured the site met accessibility standards of WCAG Level-A compliance. This included incorporating new brand colors while still maintaining their look and feel.

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Malin+Goetz Content Page