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Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of window film, coating, metallizing and laminate solutions. Their products can be found across a wide range of industries such as automotive, healthcare, architecture and even aerospace!

Shop Madico homepage design

For Madico, Something Digital created a Magento 2 B2B site based off of our Jupiter Accelerator package. SD designed a custom homepage to resonate with Madico’s existing modern and delicate branding, always keeping the product photography as the star.

This new build boasts the flexible display of product information based off of Madico’s three B2B customer programs. Only Madico customers are given access to shop this gated site. From the admin, approved users can assign roles and buying permissions within their organizations. Page Builder also provides Madico with added flexibility when creating and maintaining content throughout the site.

SD installed and configured the Welt Pixel Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce UA GTM Tracking extension, giving Madico advanced ecommerce tracking throughout the entire shopping funnel.