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Chesapeake Fine Food Group (CFFG) delivers high-quality, gourmet prepared foods that add flavor to everyday life and momentous occasions. Proudly owned and operated by women, the company oversees three brands—Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More, and Impromptu Gourmet—that combined feature 400 unique products in more than 10 categories and provides exceptional customer service, knowledgeable preparation resources, and entertaining tips.


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“From a creative standpoint, our goal was to simplify the shopping experience, allowing customers to transition from the print catalog to the online marketplace and between stores confidently and effortlessly. Our collaborative redesign with the Mackenzie team took into account data, demographics, and industry trends, connecting new and loyal customers to the brand through a more inviting interface. We hope they can see—and taste—the difference.”

Gina Angelotti, Sr. Interactive Designer

On the frontend, Something Digital re-themed Mackenzie Limited, making the ecommerce site responsive and appealing to users who, in an increasingly mobile-centric world lead busy lives, but take utmost pleasure in sharing food with friends and family. The User Experience (UX) was revamped and the User Interface (UI) was modernized to align with both the brand catalog look-and-feel and responsive design best practices. Increased user engagement was achieved by introducing micro-interactions and curating full-screen, welcoming imagery. The creative team also aimed to strategically drive traffic to the other catalogs through immersive product detail pages, cross-sells, up-sells, and boosting CFFG’s brand presence in the header navigation.

On the backend, SD upgraded all three Chesapeake Fine Food Group stores from Magento Enterprise 1.8 to 1.14.1. Additionally, a single, one-step checkout was implemented for the three brands, allowing users to login, seamlessly navigate between the stores, and convert more quickly and efficiently. In doing so, it gave users a shopping experience that is streamlined and performant, but is as elegant as the flagship website.

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