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Since 1977, GNU has combined technologies, art, athletes and design to create an authentic snowboard culture. GNU pioneers asymmetrical designs and Magne-Traction serrated technology to give young riders the adrenaline rush they seek.

“It was a great opportunity to work with Mervin Manufacturing to create a multi-store experience, featuring the Lib-Tech, GNU, and Bent Metal brands. We designed three different stores that fit each individual brand while still flowing together seamlessly. The board finder is one of the most unique parts of the site giving customers a truly personalized experience.”

James Idoni, Chief Operating Officer

GNU was the second of three sites Something Digital launched for Mervin Manufacturing. SD designed and implemented a Magento 2 Commerce cloud ecommerce multi-store with translations to other languages and currencies for GNU’s brand is young, artistic, and expressive, and SD designed the site to match with a lighter theme that still ties in with the Lib-Tech brand.

SD designed a unique board finder for customers to nail down the perfect snowboard for them. The experience is complete with an animated, custom form designed to move the customer down a mountain. The site utilizes Magento’s B2B custom pricing rules to serve the VIP ‘Bro Store’ customers throughout the three sites.