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Favor is a new home furnishings brand centered around the ideas of curation, thoughtfulness, quality, and style. Favor’s products are made by artists and artisans all of the world, now accessible to customers in one place.


“It’s always a pleasure to develop a site accompanied by a strong visual identity. We paired Favor’s beautiful imagery with a set of custom-built BlueFoot components. In so doing, Favor has this breathing, organic homepage that can change and grow as the brand does. Splashes of interactivity lace the site in meaningful ways, from the sticky descriptions on product pages to the Klevu-powered search bar.”
Leland Clemmons, Front End Technical Lead

Something Digital launched an Magento 2 ecommerce store with a custom designed homepage and product detail page. SD added details into the UI to nod to the thoughtfulness of the brand. A slight color change in the background of the homepage subtly brings out the season’s vibes as the customer scrolls down the page. An overlay of patterns on the homepage nods to the current products featured and the Favor dot seen in the logo is repeated within the homepage’s design. SD implemented Nosto for added personalization throughout the site. SD also designed the PDP to highlight the product imagery with a larger product gallery and sticky buy form. The mega menu allows customers to easily understand the product set available.

The homepage was built with Magento’s BlueFoot content management system, providing Favor with the ability to easily manage their dynamic content on the Magento 2 platform.