Launch a Customizable Magento 2 Store with

Reach new heights with Jupiter, our customizable ecommerce offering.

Our Jupiter offering for Magento Commerce Cloud enables merchants to go live with an operational online store faster and at a lower cost to market.

With Jupiter, Merchants are better served by launching a feature set equivalent to a minimum viable product (MVP) and implementing customer data-driven enhancements using an iterative approach.

Something Digital, now part of Rightpoint, employs an agile process, best practice, business analysis, and improved out-of-box (OOB) functionality in this consultative offering to lead merchants to launch a Magento store front that best fits their business goals and digital maturity.

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Included Features

Included with Magento Commerce Cloud

Branded UI

UI with brand fonts, colors, logo all outlined in a pattern library, to create a standout store.

Custom Homepage Design

Custom homepage design to showcase the brand.

Xtento - Order Report

Flat file export and imports covering orders, shipments, and inventory.

Keyboard Navigation Functionality

Keyboard accessibility in line with WCAG regulations.

Focus Management

Accurate focus states inline with accessibility best practices.

Unirgy Urapidflow

Bulk product upload & catalog management.

ESP Integration

Best-In-Class ESP integration using Dotdigital.

Tracking Pixels

We will install tracking pixels that can be added via GTM.

Tax Calculation

Best-In-Class tax integration using Taxjar.

Payment Gateway

Utilize Braintree or to incorporate multiple payment methods for customers.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Optionally select variants by default to reduce clicks for add to cart. Configurable Mini Cart UX.

QA (Quality Assurance)

We create test plans, test after each sprint, conduct Full Site QA, and test design as well as functionality.

Possible Integrations

Integrations may require third party service fees.

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