SD Knows Health & Beauty

How you look and how you feel are tightly connected – and today's shoppers have more choices than ever when shopping for brands that aid their personal health and wellbeing or seek to improve their looks. From hair and skin to muscle building and energy supplements, SD Knows how to deliver engaging commerce experiences for your customers.


Personal Health

Health is personal. When a customer puts your product in their hair, on their skin, or takes your vitamins they're putting their trust in you! Your products can stand out if you have the right site experience. At SD, we help create design and site user journeys that are unique, branded, mobile-first, and most importantly customer-centric.


Channel Attribution

Commerce isn't a destination anymore. You can shop from anywhere with your mobile device. Your customer is likely researching your products across channels, and for extended periods of time. From social media to marketplaces they're taking in all of the data they need to make an informed, and often very personal decision about their health or their outward image. We know it is important to build sites that speak directly to your customer's most important needs to help them make personal health decisions.


Product Differentiation

What sets you apart? We help you answer that question and not just tell the customer, but show them. Your products are as unique as your customers are – but sometimes it can be hard for you to tell the story of your brand and how your products stand out in the marketplace. There are many brands online for your customers to choose from – how do you stand out? At SD we use analytics, mobile optimization, A/B and multivariate testing, and personalization to drive the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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