The Two Jakes: Part 1, Jake’s First Day

For the first post of our series, we want to share our impressions of the first day at Something Digital’s Bryant Park office. Leading up to Day 1, we had been home from our universities for a little over a month. With no urgent tasks on our plates, we spent our weeks hanging out with friends, staying up late, and sleeping in almost every day. We knew once we started work that the routine would change. However, we really didn’t know what to expect regarding work life in general. To offer a taste of first-day impressions, I (Jake) interviewed my fellow summer hire (Jake):

Q: What first popped into your mind when you woke up the morning of your first day?

A: Well, honestly, my first thought was ‘Holy $%^& it’s early!’ I had been home from school since early May, and I hadn’t woken up during the AM in a very long time. Let’s just say I had a rough morning. But seriously, I was a little anxious and very excited. I didn’t really know what to expect. This was my first professional experience and I was nervous that I might not fit in. However, I ended up relaxing after a few hours and realized things would be ok. I even started making friends. The guy at the standing desk and I had an invigorating discussion about the pros and cons of sitting.

Q: What was the first thing you did when you got to the office?

A: Well, because I arrived before you, Jake, I had to make a tough choice right off the bat, which was to select my desk. I took the one on the right, which—as you see below—is much better than your desk (the one on the left). Then the entire office had a short meeting over some breakfast. The free coffee was delicious and much needed. I even impressed the boss taking it black, the mature choice.

Q: What was the best part of your first day?

A: Definitely the awkward lunch with the new hires and our new boss. Everyone enjoyed free food, and introduced themselves to the new employees.

Q: What surprised you the most about SD?

A: I was very surprised by the open layout of the office. There are a few conference rooms and an office or two for the owners, but almost everyone works together in one giant room. I came in expecting to see offices filled with nerds, but instead I saw one big room containing us all!

Q: What impressed you most about the SD office?

A: Several things impressed me. However, one that stood out was the model of the Waterfall process. It seemed to document every single part of each project stage. In fact, every process in general seemed structured at SD. And the entire staff was in constant collaboration with one another and with clients to get work done. Just from that first day, I could tell how important communication and teamwork are in this industry.

Q: At the end of the day how were you feeling?

A: Absolutely exhausted. And I rushed home to by far the best nap of the year. But I had a pretty good day. I met my co-workers, I learned lots about the company, got a little bit of tech training in, and was excited to come back and get to work the next day to impress the big guns.

So after one day, we both quickly got a taste of the challenges and the rewards of daily work life. We are definitely looking forward to a summer experience learning about ecommerce, adding new technical skills to our arsenals, and networking with colleagues and clients. And, of course, all the fame that comes along with being SD blog authors.

Be sure to return next week for Part 2 of this series!

Written by:  Jake Berkson and Jake Reifer

Brittany Wheeler

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