The New Essentials: Products, channels, and services that define the new normal

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. If true, the world’s buying habits were radically altered in 2020. With the reality of a post-coronavirus world starting to come into view, we wondered – have consumer attitudes & expectations really transformed?

In the months following the pandemic, four “C’s” have dominated the digital shift: Convenience, Caution, Conscience and Community. The products we buy and the channels we frequent firmly align to the way that we view the world.

In this study, we will review the trends that are here to stay, what shoppers think of as “essential” in the new world, and how consumer brands can adapt their business to the continued digital shift.

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  • More about the consumer outlook for 2021, this year has recalibrated consumers’ tendency to seek out the silver lining.
  • How COVID-19 has impacted what is deemed essential by consumers. We take a deep dive into which industries have experienced a paradigm shift, with those changes here to stay.
  • More about our key hypotheses: we set out to take the pulse of consumers to understand attitudes, expectations and the role of digital in shaping behaviors heading into 2021.


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Brittany Wheeler

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