Todd Pierce

Todd enjoys problem solving and finding the best solutions available. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing games and spending time with his family.

Odaine Lawson

Odaine was born in the beautiful city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Outside of work, he loves to travel and indulge in outdoor activities with family and friends on the weekends. He is a soccer/football enthusiast, that binge watches and/or plays kick up games during his leisure time.

James Chen

When James is not in the office, he often bundles up like a cozy burrito and binge watches Netflix. But when it snows, you can always find him with a cup of hot coffee/chocolate outside, enjoying the snow.


Front End Magento Developer (NYC or Remote)

about interactive @ Something Digital

Something Digital is an interactive agency based in mid-town Manhattan – we’ve spent close to 20 years developing custom software, eCommerce sites, intranets, and websites to diverse clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies. Something Digital is looking for a Front End Developer to join and be part of a world class development team.

we’ll need you to

  • Collaborate with a passionate team to plan, build, and maintain a variety of ecommerce sites
  • Participate in the development life cycle of a build including work estimates, development, cross-browser testing, bug resolution, and deployment
  • Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to translate ideas and designs into great accessible experiences
  • Work with Magento 2 and Shopify
  • Work with project requirements to decide on the best technologies for implementing the job, and learn how to get it done.

apply if you:

  • Love to craft great websites using HTML, CSS (we use Sass), and JavaScript.
  • Are opinionated and have high standards about what makes a good experience on the web.
  • Care about semantic markup and maintainable frontend architecture.
  • Have a keen eye for design and exceptional attention to detail.
  • Enjoy a challenge and are eager to grow.
  • Are excited to work on high traffic, high profile websites with complex requirements.
  • Are looking for a company that values training and skills development.

you must have:

  • A good understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Ability to build responsive websites without relying on a front-end framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation.
  • Understanding of Magento theme development including layout XML, knockout templates, Page Builder, RequireJS
  • 12 Months or more practical experience with Magento front end development
  • Basic knowledge of Git.
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)

it’d be great if you had experience with

  • CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS
  • Modern build tools like Babel, Webpack, Gulp
  • Shopify
  • Docker
  • Web accessibility
  • Frontend performance optimization
  • Building Magento modules
  • Magento Back-end / PHP development
  • Design skills

Chris Murphy-Ferro

Chris is a music enthusiast. You can always find him playing his guitar, researching new bands or attending shows in his hometown. When he isn’t engrossed in his love for music he is outside hiking with his wife and pup, Indigo. He loves a good song, an exciting adventure or a lazy afternoon with his family.

Monzu Haque

If you want Monzu to show you some pro tricks on his skateboard, he probably can’t! But that won’t stop him from riding one everywhere. His tamer hobbies include making computer art and drinking bubble tea.

James Li

You can find James traveling, hiking, and taking photographs…or all three at the same time. Otherwise, he enjoys catching up with the latest tech and planning his next mechanical keyboard build.

Tamieem Jaffary

Tamieem enjoys sleeping, eating, breathing, but above all, basketball. He is an avid NBA fan who can and will talk nonstop about it if given the chance. His idea of unwinding after work is watching Dirk Nowitzki highlights. Besides that, Tamieem likes spending his time curating music. He usually spends too much time creating Spotify playlists moreso than listening to them.

Alexander Sarro

Ever since Alexander was a child, he has always enjoyed tinkering with computers.  Some call him the first responder of e-commerce…when there’s a problem he’s always there to help.  Away from the computer screen, Alexander spends his free time with family, woodworking, reading about history and tending to his garden.