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Something Digital’s Approach to Shopify Site Builds  

Are you considering building an ecommerce site in Shopify and wondering what’s involved? Something Digital regularly design and build such sites for a wide range of businesses, and through the years we’ve developed a process that ensures the best possible customer experience, while maximizing efficiencies in your budget and schedule. This post describes the drivers behind our process.

Jumpstart the Design Process with Shopify Premium Themes

When building a Shopify site it isn’t always necessary to start from scratch. The Shopify Theme store has over 100 free and premium themes. Themes are professionally designed ecommerce website templates that jumpstart the design process. All themes have a defined set of features, such as homepage design, navigation, layout style of product pages, treatment of images, number of products on a page, and so on, which means you have the code for a fully functioning site right out of the box.

To a large degree, coming up with an initial design for a site is a matter of clicking the options that you had in mind for your site — number of products in your catalog, layout style, product page features, navigation style, homepage features — and the store will present all of the pre-built themes that will accommodate your choices.


You can click on any of the options to read more about the key features of each theme, such as whether the page layout is optimized for large images, or if slideshows are available the homepage.

The costs for each theme range from $150 – $200 per theme, which means they’ll fit well with a range of budgets.

Rigorous Testing of Themes

Your site is a critical asset and the last thing you need to worry about is faulty code that results in poor brand experiences and lost sales. Something Digital would not recommend Premium Themes if they weren’t high-quality code.

All themes go through a rigorous testing and review process by Shopify prior to being offered in the store. If you buy a Premium Theme, you can be assured that it is fully functional out of the box (which, in turn, means you’ll have a fully operational site from from day one, and your site is launch-ready as you go through the build process).

Far from Cookie Cutter

Your brand is unique and you want a site that reflects the care you put into product selection and the customer experience. A site that’s built using Premium Themes can easily reflect your brand, your values and your brand voice.

Something Digital will apply your branding to the Theme templates. All of the colors, typography, imagery and copy that define your brand are applied to your site so that it is fully branded and unique.

We created a site for Omi that looks very different from the Premium Theme we started from. You have no need to fear a cookie-cutter site.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

One of the best reasons to use Premium Themes is it allows you to focus your budget on the elements or customizations that have a material impact on your user experience and conversion rate, such as a product configurator or a virtual sizing chart.

When you meet with Something Digital to discuss your project, we will identify the areas where customization will deliver a strong ROI. We have deep experience with a wide range of B2C sites, which means you can leverage our expertise in a wide range of verticals, from Food & Beverage, Footwear, Health & Beauty, and so on.

Premium Themes Are Not for Everyone

There’s a lot to like about Premium Themes, but that not for every brand. Some sites need a highly specialized customer experience from start to finish, and there’s no getting around that fact. Something Digital regularly builds Shopify sites from the bottom up.

But a surprising number of sites can benefit from the time and cost efficiencies that are inherent in Shopify Premium Themes, which is why, in the cases where they make sense, Something Digital is happy to recommend that approach.

If you have questions about building on Shopify Plus let us know!

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