Shopify Launches Sections for Themes

Shopify continues to increase the functionality of their platform by adding new features that both SI’s and merchants can utilize. The newest feature on deck, ‘Sections for Shopify Themes.’

You can think of sections as being customizable components of a theme. With this new feature you can now add, reorder, and remove different sections of content including videos, products, or collections. Need to preview your changes in real time on a desk-top or mobile? No problem, Sections has it covered and now you can test even when you’re on the go.

Some other theme development updates include easy image uploading with image picker and simplified resource referencing with URL setting.

The new feature will not only help simplify development work but change the way an SI hands off the store to their client.

Interested in the full article? Find it here, Introducing Sections for Shopify Themes.

Brittany Wheeler

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