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SD’s Max Chadwick Speaking at New York Magento Meetup

Magento Meetups represent the whole of the ecommerce landscape, including Magento employees, industry providers, certified developers, ecommerce professionals, and industry executives. The goal of these meetups is to allow relationships to grow among Magento users and to continue to build a vast knowledge base and strong community to drive the local ecommerce scene.

This year on September 29th at the New York Magento Meetup, SD’s very own Max Chadwick will be giving his attention-grabbing Full Page Cache Hit Rate Talk. This isn’t the first time that the Magento world has heard this talk by Max. Most recently he was featured on Nomad Mage where he educated listeners on why Full Page Cache is one of the most important features in Magento Enterprise.

Can’t believe you missed Max Chadwick’s Full Page Cache talk? Purchase the Full Page Cache talk or sign up to see him live at the New York Magento Meetup.

We hope to see you there!

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