SD Office Hours Episode 69: Singles Day

On this week’s episode of SD Office Hours host Tony Ciarelli takes a day off and hands over the reigns to SD’s Director of Business Development Brian Serow. Brian is joined by SD’s Chief Commerce Officer Phillip Jackson and Director of Business Development Brian Lange.


This episode they discuss:

  • Singles Day
    • The results of Singles Day
    • Does this signal a manufactured holiday future for ecommerce worldwide? 
  • Which brands to look at during the holiday period 
  • Brands that are doing holiday promotions right 
  • Out-of-stock and high demand, should we expect to see that end anytime soon?
  • Brands using out-of-stock as a form of promotion  

Eda Gumusay

Eda was bit by the travel bug long ago so when she’s not at SD she’s probably out exploring a new place. When she’s not adventuring, Eda is a huge foodie and loves trying new things!