SD Office Hours Episode 65: The Constantly Changing State of Commerce

This episode host Tony Ciarelli is joined by guests Brian Serow and Brian Lange as the three discuss:

  • Due to the pandemic, people have been moving out of major cities
    • Does that mean we’ll be seeing new eCommerce businesses emerging and new eCommerce “Types”?
    • How are merchants keeping track of this and how should they be keeping track?
    • How does this effect customer relationships?
  • Are there too many purchase options?
  • Is this making it more difficult for consumers?
  • What products have you learned cannot be purchased online effectively?
  • Is there anything you wish you had seen during the pandemic that you haven’t seen as a consumer?

Eda Gumusay

Eda was bit by the travel bug long ago so when she’s not at SD she’s probably out exploring a new place. When she’s not adventuring, Eda is a huge foodie and loves trying new things!