SD Office Hours Episode 62: Brian Serow AMA


In this episode of Office Hours Tony talk ecommerce with and gets to know SD Director of Business Development Brian Serow!

  • Where are you from? 
  • Where did you go to school? 
    • What was your major? 
  • Did you always know you would end up in business development? 
  • How did you end up in eCommerce? 
  • What is your favorite thing about eCommerce? 
  • What is your least favorite thing about eCommerce? 
  • What do you wish your prospects knew that they often do not? 
  • What is your favorite question to ask a prospect? 
  • Ecommerce is constantly changing, how do you keep up? 
  • If you weren’t in eComm, what job would you have? 
  • What makes you different than other sellers? 
  • If you were selecting an agency or an ecomm platform, what are the questions you would ask? 
    • What are some red flags to look out for? 

Eda Gumusay

Eda was bit by the travel bug long ago so when she’s not at SD she’s probably out exploring a new place. When she’s not adventuring, Eda is a huge foodie and loves trying new things!