SD Office Hours Episode 60 – The End of M1



This is the last time M1 will be a topic on Office Hours – we promise!

– What does this mean for merchants that are on M1?

– Is anyone going to successfully support M1?

– How hard will M1 be to kill?

– Other predictions?

– M1’s legacy


‘Winging it’ segment with the Brians !

– Is cash still king?


What is SD talking about in Q3?

– Home and Bedding: A preview of what Phillip Jackson is thinking?

– What makes home and bedding ecommerce different?

– Who’s doing it best?

Eda Gumusay

Eda was bit by the travel bug long ago so when she’s not at SD she’s probably out exploring a new place. When she’s not adventuring, Eda is a huge foodie and loves trying new things!