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SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 6

Welcome back to our blog and the latest SD Office Hours episode! This episode is all about performance, Magento B2B, security, and ADA compliance. If you’re new to Magento or have asked yourself any of the questions below then check out episode 6!

Want to know the questions/answers asked without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • Phillip, how was Meet Magento Spain? And how was Mage Titans Manchester? – 00:43 – 3:26
  • ADA compliance. What’s required by law right now? – 4:00 – 13:17
  • What tools do you recommend for gauging site performance? What about security? – 13:21 – 20:24
  • Will the Magento B2B product be helpful for a site that is selling to businesses that are the end-user of the product? – 20:25 – 25:00
  • I saw that Jamie Clarke’s company just moved from Magento to Shopify; should this be concerning to those of us building Magento 2 sites? – 25:00 – 28:00
  • Is Magento 2 stable yet? – 28:26 – 33:30
  • I’ve heard about a problem applying to the most recent Magento 2 patch. Have you run into any issues with it? – 33:59 – 41:50
  • Can I just ad hoc ask what we’re working on these days? – 42:05 – 45:44


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