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SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 4

If you missed out on episode 4 of SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento then you’re in luck because we have the episode with a full transcription below! If you want to know what we thought of Meet Magento NY 2017, what Magento BI can do for you, or some things you should watch out for in Magento cloud then check out our full episode below.

Want to know the questions and timestamps without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • What were your guys’ thoughts on Meet Magento New York? – 1:19 – 8:38
  • How can I use Magento Business Intelligence? What does it really do? – 8:44 – 12:55
  • What are some things I should be aware of when looking at Magento’s Cloud? I heard it doesn’t autoscale. – 12:55 – 22:21
  • Do you have any recommendations for email solutions for Abandoned Cart using MageMail? I’m on Magento 2. – 22:24 – 25:56
  • What are some example situations where page hierarchy would be useful? – 25:56 – 31:30
  • I want to display the Magento Mini Cart outside of my Magento store, how can I do that? – 31:31 – 35:45
  • How does Magento Social work? How do I access and what does it do? – 35:45 – 39:31


Download the Full Episode 4 Transcript !

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