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SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 3

Welcome back to SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, episode 3! If you’re looking for answers for the new Magento 2 certifications, our opinion of Magento 2.2, or where you can find Phillip Jackson in the upcoming year then this episode is for you.

Want to know the questions and timestamps without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • Primarily as a developer what should one study for the Magento use solution specialists exam? – 01:59-05:47
  • What was your biggest learning? – 06:00-17:23
  • What was the most exotic requirement you had to implement in Magento? – 17:40-24:57
  • In Magento 1 there was a module that would tell you on each page which blocks are being cached. Are there any debug/session dev tools like that for M2? – 25:02-31:00
  • How should inventory be handled since it can easily be broken by simply saving a product in the admin? – 31:09-35:56
  • What’s the proper etiquette to tell a salesperson to not call/email our office? – 36:17-40:10
  • Magento 2.2 was just released. What do you think of it? – 40:55-47:59
  • Where can we see you Phillip next, in the upcoming year? – 48:01-51:30


If you really want to know everything we talked about there’s even a transcript you can download. Enjoy!

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