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SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 21

Welcome back to SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento! Wow 21 episodes! If you want to learn more about Magento watch the video below.


Want to know the question and answers asked without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • You created an extension that improves Magento 1 Enterprise Edition’s indexer performance. You also worked with Magento to improve out of the box indexer performance in Magento 2. Can you talk a little bit about the extension and how you might solve this on Magento versions that this is compatible with, for example, Magento – 00:38 – 13:10
  • We’ve had some clients ask about customer specific pricing. Can we talk about some of the downfalls of this and some possible solutions? – 13:18 – 28:45
  • Magento has recently released some improvements to their cloud hosting. Can you start us off and talk about those? – 28:50 – 40:45
  • What’s next on SD’s event and content agenda? – 40:50 – 44:10


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