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SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 17

Welcome back to SD Office Hours! After a short break, we are back in action! If you missed our latest episode we answered your burning questions on GDPR, the PWA from Magento, and whether Phillip got to meet Jamie Foxx at Imagine (spoiler alert he didn’t).

Want to know the question and answers asked without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • Tell us about your experience at Imagine – what was it like to MC? Did you meet Jamie Foxx? – 01:40 – 09:30
  • What’s the latest on Progressive Web Apps with Magento? Phillip has been doing live streams – how does one get started? – 09:35 – 20:00
  • Amasty just released a GDPR module. Magento has a rather large FAQ about the subject. Thoughts? What is SD doing for GDPR? – 20:01 – 29:40
  • Have you seen customers mass deleting products on M2? What is the issue here and how do we fix it? –  29:43 – 41:50


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