Rolling Out MasterCard 2-Series Compatibility at SD – Part 1

Starting in June 2017, MasterCard 2-Series credit cards will start to appear in the wild.

This is a new line of MasterCard credit cards that start with the number “2” (previously MasterCard’s had started with the number “5”).

Some versions of Magento 1 and 2 contain credit card validation logic that will flag these credit cards as invalid, preventing users with 2-Series cards from completing checkout.

Here, we’ll take a look at how Something Digital is rolling out these types of fixes across its SEG client base.


Whenever an update affecting SD’s entire client base is announced, the first step is to research the issue. A few questions always need to be answered:

– Which versions of Magento are affected?
– What options are available to remediate the issue?
– What are the potential pitfalls developers will encounter when applying the required fix to the code base?
– How can we QA the fix to confirm it has been correctly incorporated into the code base?
– How quickly does this change need to be deployed?

The Patch Assessment

Once SD has thoroughly researched the issue, a patch assessment is prepared. The intention of the patch assessment is two-fold:

– Collect relevant details on the change into a document that can be circulated to SEG clients.
– Document technical implementation process so that it can be executed on by developers and QA.


Next, we circulate the patch assessment to our client base. Our Strategic Engagement Managers are of course available to answer any questions as needed.

Once the information has been circulated, SD moves forward with implementation, following the plan documented in the patch assessment.


From a high level, that sums up SD’s general process for rolling out updates like MasterCard 2-Series compatibility that impact its entire Magento client base.

In part two of this series we’ll look at how this process is implemented specifically using the example of the Mastercard 2-Series compatibility changes.

Talk to Us

We’d love to tell you more or answer any questions you have about Mastercard 2-Series compatibility, or our process in general. Contact us if you’d like to hear more. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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