Phillip Jackson – Keynote at Mage Titans Austin

Time to give it up for SD’s Phillip Jackson who will be giving his second keynote speech of the year on September 15th at Mage Titans Austin. Now if you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing any of Phillip’s talks then you know, they do not disappoint. In this talk two-time Magento Master Phillip Jackson will talk about the failures and challenges that led to success in his career, and the changes coming in our industry which may prove that the hardest battles are still ahead of us.

Here’s a little snippet of his talk:

“Success takes many forms – but the most satisfying is achieving personal success. Personal success can best be described as reaching your own personal achievements. Along the way we all face trials and hardship – and it’s our determination and perseverance that leads us to having satisfaction with your life and career.”

Whether you’re looking to learn or just need a reason to bring out the cowboy in you, make sure you purchase your ticket to Mage Titans Austin before they’re gone.


Brittany Wheeler

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