SD_PapyrusBanner_20160519 Shout Out

In May 2016, Something Digital continued their relationship with Papyrus with the redesign of This included successfully implementing a responsive redesign on the Magento 1.14.1 platform improving accessibility and developing an innovative application that invites you to be the designer. SD integrated new features including Ajax multi-select filtering, one-step and multiple address checkouts, and the ability to link in-store loyalty program memberships to user accounts online.

The team here at SD is very proud of this site and excited to announce that it was featured in MageMojo’s What’s New with Magento: 25 Recent Magento Websites!

“The site looks great, is incredibly fast, fully responsive and has very intuitive navigation. We love that we can order cards online directly from a desktop or mobile device and it’s printed and mailed to us with beautiful inks on glamorous paper.

While these are all great facets of the Papyrus build, the most impressive thing we have found is how the site connects with the stores. Rewards points track in store purchases as well as online purchases and you can reserve your purchase from any of the 100+ stores they have around the country. Accessibility was also a major part of this build. They worked to ensure anyone could have access to the products and services for sale. Overall the team at Something Digital really knocked it out of the park on this site.”

Congrats again to the awesome SD team that launched this beautiful site!

Brittany Wheeler

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