Nomadmage Launches in the United States

Last week saw the launch of a brand new concept in the Magento Community – NomadMage. NomadMage is an online developer webinar that meets once per month. Developers wanting to learn more about Magento 1 or Magento 2 purchase tickets monthly. Subscriptions are also available.

Following prior successes with the Nomad brand Cal Evans, a renowned PHP developer, launched NomadMage in partnership with Phillip Jackson (Ecommerce Evangelist – Something Digital, co-host – MageTalk) to bring this concept of continuing education to the Magento Community.

“What developers really need now is deep, Magento-centric content. In fact, we need something beyond what even conferences provide – we need ground breaking content with speakers who have a variety and range of experience across the entire spectrum of software development and Ecommerce.” – Phillip Jackson, Something Digital

On July 26, NomadMage launched its inaugural session with renowned Magento developer Vinai Kopp. Vinai presented deep insights on writing “testable” code. In his own words:

“Testable code is simpler code. When we make our code less complex and easier to understand inherently becomes more testable.” – Vinai Kopp

Using a balanced mixture of code examples and theory Vinai demonstrated how all code can be written to be easily tested, regardless of whether it was written for Magento 1 or Magento 2.

NomadMage hopes to build on its successful launch in its sophomore session by discovering more about Magento via integrations with the popular open-source time-series database, InfluxDb, to monitor critical-path data points like execution of Magento Cron and Full Page Cache hit rate.

Future speakers include former Magento Core Team member and noted performance expert Ian Chepurnyi, Brendan Falkowski; as well as a roll out to the EU Market with a second webinar presented in an EU timezone.

If you missed Vinai Kopp’s talk you can still purchase it today.

Sign up and purchase tickets for Max Chadwick’s talk on August 16.

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