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SD Brings Merchant 2 Merchant to the West Coast with Magento and Amazon Pay

What better way to kick off February than to hear from two experienced retailers on how to build and grow your business? And what better place to have our first Merchant to Merchant LIVE event than Seattle?

Historically a New York-area event, SD was proud to bring the M2M show on the road this year. For those who aren’t familiar, Merchant to Merchant is a live event where merchants gather on a panel in front of an audience of their peers and discuss challenges. We hold these events in an actual retail space – where commerce happens.

This month we traveled to Seattle to the Filson Flagship store. Filson is a historic brand which got its start as an outfitter for the Yukon Gold Rush. We had a fantastic panel – two brands which represent opposite ends of the seasonal product spectrum: Mervin Manufacturing, a historic snowboard manufacturer, and Espresso Parts, a primarily B2B-focus distributor of parts and service supplies for coffee shops.

They lent their voice to a conversation we’ve been having here at Something Digital for some time – how do you combat the challenges of extreme seasonality in retail? Snowboards have very specific seasons where they’re in high demand. Then you have coffee – which has gone through the challenges of overcoming seasonality by generating customer demand through product innovation (think: cold brew and pumpkin spice) as well as international supply chain challenges.

Beyond just creating new products and scaling your business horizontally – what can a retailer do? Listen as Daniel Nettleton and Trevor Phillips offer advice and give insight to how they’re overcoming these challenges.  Click on the podcast below to learn more about overcoming seasonality challenges.


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