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Magento Association Task Force

At Magento Live EU, Magento provided a big update on the Magento Association, a new independent non-profit organization that was announced earlier this year at the Magento Imagine 2018 conference.

In his keynote session, Magento CEO Mark Lavelle said “The Magento Association… has come to life and is moving forward”. He revealed that the Association is being spearheaded by a community Task Force on which Something Digital’s very own Brian Lange is seated. The other task force members are Jenna Warren (Creatuity), Susan Peterson (Wagento), Guido Jansen (Randstad), Alessandro Ronchi (Bitbull), Danny Verkade (Cream), and Gabriel Guarino (Simplific). The task force is focused on mission, culture, bylaws, strategy, and establishing the first board of directors. Criteria for selection to the task force can be found here.

He announced the Association’s mission statement which was created by the Task Force: “The Magento Association advances and empowers its global community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership”. Mark finished with “Thank you to the members of this task force – I think they deserve a round of applause”.

Magento is employing SmithBucklin, an association management company based in Chicago, to assist with creating the new organization. SmithBucklin has assisted with association formation and stewardship since 1949 and has consulted with groups from several industries including Fuel, the Palo Alto Networks User Group and OHUG, the Oracle HCM User Group.

Magento will be providing monthly updates on the progress of the Magento Association on their forums. On the forums they have posted the mission and culture statements developed by the Task Force. The Culture Statement of the Magento Association really speaks to the heart of what has made Magento so great over the last 11 years:

Culture Statement

We the members of the Magento Association will:

  • Welcome and reflect all members of the global Magento ecosystem.
  • Seek out and embrace a diverse community.
  • Be transparent and accountable to each other.
  • Act with thoughtfulness, fairness and integrity.
  • Focus on activities that create mutual success.
  • Encourage and empower collaboration amongst stakeholders.
  • Foster passion and innovation.
  • Challenge each other to continuously adapt and grow.
  • Safeguard the long-term financial viability of the association.
  • Support each other in keeping the Magento ecosystem healthy.


Something Digital is looking forward to the impact and benefit of the Magento Association and extends a big congratulations and thank you to Brian and the rest of the Task Force.

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