Is Magento 1 your Final Destination?

In part one of this series, we talked about how you can’t escape the pain of migrating off of Magento 1. This next post is for those clever retailers who think that by sticking with Magento 1 they can somehow skirt the death of a platform. [Spoiler alert:] You can’t.

To illustrate this, we turn to the Final Destination franchise, which warns there’s no escaping death, no matter how clever you are.

The movie opens with Alex Browning, (Devon Sawa) about to fly off to Paris with his friends on a class trip.

But just before take-off, Alex has a premonition that the plane will explode in mid-air, killing everyone on board. He panics, a fight breaks out, and Alex, along with his friends are kicked off the plane. Within moments of takeoff the plane really does explode, prompting Alex and his friends to celebrate their good luck in narrowly escaping death.

Little did they know that death would chase them until it eventually wins. Alex watches as his friends are picked off one by one, until he finally meets his end.

It’s a plot device that runs through all five movies: A group of characters are supposed to die but by some stroke of luck, live to see another day. Death, meanwhile, is quite displeased when things don’t go as planned. What makes the movies fun are all the head fakes. As a moviegoer you’re lulled into thinking one character or another will make it, and then wham! It’s curtains, and we never saw it coming.

So how does this relate to migrating off of Magento 1? As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, Magento has moved the end of life (EOL) for Magento 1 a few times. First it was to die in November of 2018, then death got pushed back to June 2020. Retailers who haven’t migrated off of Magento 1 are lulled into believing they have a new lease on life. But do they?

Magento 1 Head Fakes

When Magento 2 was released, the company made it very clear that there would be end of life dates for all point releases, and it meant what it said. For instance, the end of life for 2.0 came in August 2018. Users could expect no more security patches, quality fixes, or documentation updates for 2.0 release. It was upgrade to 2.1 or die.

The same thing happened this past September when Magento released 2.3.

Meanwhile, Magento 1 users have been getting security patches from Magento and can count on them until June 2020. If you’re such a user, did you cheat death? Were you somehow wise or lucky to stay on Magento 1 while users of 2.0 and 2.1 were picked off

You may have been spared the burdens of the 2.0-point releases, but the piper still needs to be paid. Migration is still your fate, whether that’s to Magento 2.0, Shopify or some other platform.

If you’re still on Magento 1 it means you’ve been stuck in time since 2015. Magento as a platform has matured in direct response to ecommerce maturation. For instance, it has Page Builder, B2B features, and supports Amazon Channel selling.

Don’t let 2015 be your final destination.

Phillip Jackson

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