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Introducing the Strategic Engagement Group

Something Digital no longer delivers Interactive Managed Services (IMS). Instead, we now provide ongoing Strategic Engagement Services (SES).

The name change became official in January of 2017. It represents the growth of our team and a significant change in both philosophy and process. After years of delivering post-launch solution support (as a more traditional managed service), we wanted to improve.

We realized that clients didn’t want to pay for a reactive block of hours to use as “things came up.” Instead, they wanted a proactive partner to deliver ongoing value. And we realized we only added value when we aligned the effort with a client’s business objectives. We were motivated to act, so in 2015 we started changing our service model to what exists to today.

The following list captures our approach:

– Business Review Meetings (semi-annually or quarterly)
– Maintenance of the Client Roadmap (changes, new features, technical debt, etc.)
– Regular Allocation of Development and Creative Resources
– Code Management (source control, code review, frequency of releases, etc.)
– Quality Assurance (regression testing)
– A/B Testing
– Digital Marketing and Strategy (analytics, email, SEO, PPC, etc.)
– Business Planning (Impact Analysis, Total Cost of Ownership, ROI, etc.)
– Downtime and Performance Monitoring
– Security Patch Management
– Emergency Support
– Regular Traffic and KPI Analysis
– Annual UX and Performance Audits

Each client is assigned a Strategic Engagement Manager (SEM), who serves as the point of contact, and a Primary Engineer, who develops expertise in the client’s codebase and the needs outlined in their roadmap. Additionally, clients are served by the larger SD resource pool, comprised of programmers, designers, digital marketing analysts, and other members of the SD team as needed.

Over a 12-month Strategic Engagement contract, we deliver all of these services as either value-based or hours-based agreements. Timing can vary, but we try to align with the seasonality of the client business.

We preach collaboration. The goal is to have regular interaction and align on how SD support complements client activity. We can deliver the service post-launch (for a solution SD produces) or post-rescue (for a solution SD takes over from another vendor). We’ve had success in both paradigms. In all cases, SD aims for long-term engagement, which leads to strong collaboration and trust.

We’ve become pretty good at delivering this service and have received recognition from our clients, trade partners, and peers. We’re striving for continuous improvement, but the results—as illustrated in the growth of our clients—are outstanding. So if you want some of the SD mojo, get in touch. We want to be your partner in success!

Jon Klonsky

When not in the office, Jon obsesses over skiing, the NY Giants, and destroying the competition in karaoke.