Alexander Sarro

Ever since Alexander was a child, he has always enjoyed tinkering with computers.  Some call him the first responder of e-commerce…when there’s a problem he’s always there to help.  Away from the computer screen, Alexander spends his free time with family, woodworking, reading about history and tending to his garden.

Justin Lee

Justin enjoys watching movies both at home and in the theaters, finding new fantasy novels to read, and is open to any suggestions. He generally enjoys all types of food, and has a soft spot for cookies and cream ice cream. He also hopes you have a good day!

Brooke Voto

Brooke is based in Michigan (and is a proud Wolverine – Go Blue!)  When not schlepping kids around, Brooke can be found on the water, in the water, or at least nearby water.  She also enjoys hiking and biking in beautiful places, curling up with a good book, and solving puzzles.

Brian Serow

A native of North Carolina living in New York, Brian is most likely to be located watching college basketball or football, hockey, soccer or tennis. Otherwise, he’s likely playing video games, at a concert or buried in his 20th+ re-read of the Harry Potter series.

Emily Ascani

Emily enjoys soaking up the Charleston sunshine and exploring the brewery scene for the next best IPA. She can be found with her nose in a good book, listening to a true crime podcast or quoting Parks & Rec.


Liv Martens

Liv is a Texas-raised front end developer with an addiction to craft supplies, animal adoption, and books. When she’s not at SD, she’s usually bringing home some new creature, knitting sweaters, or telling Northeasterners that 85 degrees isn’t that hot.

Caitlin Mekita

Caitlin is always on the lookout for her new favorite book, show, or podcast. When not at work or traveling, you can usually find her trying out a new class at the gym or watching too much reality TV with her dog Ladybug.

Stephanie Concepcion

Stephanie spends too much time dreaming about installing her consciousness into an immortal android body so that she can read every book in the world. She also enjoys normal hobbies like drawing, video games, and binge watching Korean television.