Chris Murphy-Ferro

Chris is a music enthusiast. You can always find him playing his guitar, researching new bands or attending shows in his hometown. When he isn’t engrossed in his love for music he is outside hiking with his wife and pup, Indigo. He loves a good song, an exciting adventure or a lazy afternoon with his family.

Tamieem Jaffary

Tamieem enjoys sleeping, eating, breathing, but above all, basketball. He is an avid NBA fan who can and will talk nonstop about it if given the chance. His idea of unwinding after work is watching Dirk Nowitzki highlights. Besides that, Tamieem likes spending his time curating music. He usually spends too much time creating Spotify playlists moreso than listening to them.

Thomas Lee

Whatever Thomas is doing, there is probably be a cup of coffee sitting next to him and music playing on his Airpods. He loves having conversations with other people, but when he’s alone, he plays guitar, plays games or falls asleep on a sofa.

Julius Regalado

Julius was in the US Navy for 5 and a 1/2 years and was in Japan the whole time(2 tours) in an aircraft carrier, after his enlistment, he used the GI Bill to study Digital Arts then Culinary Arts and then web development. He enjoys food and trying out different cuisines. He likes spending his personal time playing the guitar and online gaming.

Brian Serow

A native of North Carolina living in New York, Brian is most likely to be located watching college basketball or football, hockey, soccer or tennis. Otherwise, he’s likely playing video games, at a concert or buried in his 20th+ re-read of the Harry Potter series.

Kuba Gasiorowski

Kuba enjoys gaming, music, puzzles, programming, and above all, exploration. When he’s not working on his Kendo, he is on his computer tinkering with a new idea or project or just playing a game or two to unwind. He is also always looking forward to his next opportunity to travel, near and far.

Tim Pornyuenyong

Tim is a jazz musician that frequents jam sessions at various bars around the city. In the winter, you can find him speeding down the mountain on a snowboard wearing a kangaroo onesie.