James Chen

When James is not in the office, he often bundles up like a cozy burrito and binge watches Netflix. But when it snows, you can always find him with a cup of hot coffee/chocolate outside, enjoying the snow.


Thomas Lee

Whatever Thomas is doing, there is probably be a cup of coffee sitting next to him and music playing on his Airpods. He loves having conversations with other people, but when he’s alone, he plays guitar, plays games or falls asleep on a sofa.

Chris Thompson

Hailing from Colorado, Chris can be found on the mountain sliding sideways on snow with his two sons Henry and Arthur. Off the mountain, Chris and his lovely wife Emily enjoy reading Tolkien while sipping local espresso and whiskey.

Alex Lyon

Alex is a Long Island native who loves all things tech. When he’s not writing code, he can be found in the nearest coffee shop drinking cold brew, exploring the skies with his telescope, or listening to podcasts.

Allison Duncan

Allison’s favorite activity is spending time with her family; including kiddos Grace and Jack, and long-haired wiener dog, Olive. She enjoys a nice meal, spending time near the water, and occasionally finds time to work in a nice outside run.