Infographic Alert: Personalization

personalization infographic


is the practice of dynamically tailoring the content of your site to suit the wants and needs of each individual user.

How to Achieve 

Use personalization to achieve your business objectives and increase revenue with tools like A/B split and multivariate testing, content profiling and segmentation targeting.


Benefits of personalization include more conversions, traffic, repeat visitors and happier customers. Imagine the possibilities when your website has the ability to sense and adapt to what each visitor wants.

Attention Span

The average human attention span decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds¹. Great content isn’t enough to stand out. Brands need to make an instant connection with their audiences by providing information that is custom-tailored to the user.

Marketing Costs

Content is one of the most inexpensive customer acquisition tactics. Traditional marketing requires the use of aggressive push mechanisms. Marketing through personalization brings audiences, leads, and customers to you².


¹Statistic from Statistic Brain 2013
²Statistic from Demand Metric
Vectors adapted from

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