Increase Website Reliability on Magento with these Tools

The most critical part of running an online store is keeping it up and running.

The Something Digital team is doing some cutting edge stuff using open source tools and smart engineering to improve the reliability and management of the Magento platform.

Max Chadwick, one of our Magento Developers, has created a module that connects Magento to InfluxDb, a popular open source time-series database. This allows Something Digital to visualize problems with Magento over time and facilitates identification and rapid problem resolution.

The Magento-to-InfluxDB Module (“SomethingDigital_InfluxDb”) tracks several data points critical to operation of your ecommerce business, for example, the “Magento Cron” which is responsible for mission-critical tasks such as

– Sending orders to your 3PL
– Downloading inventory updates
– Clearing caches and reindexing your site

Once data regarding the cron’s performance is sync’d to InfluxDb using the SomethingDigital_InfluxDb module, the open source tool Grafana can create beautiful dashboards for visualization. Furthermore, using Kapacitor, another open source tool, will send alerts to the merchant’s technology team if something goes wrong.  By using several pieces of cutting edge technology, Max Chadwick and the SD team built an invaluable utility to help improve the overall reliability of multiple clients’ Magento stores.

Max’s work is just one example of Something Digital’s ongoing contribution to Magento and to Open Source.

Want to learn more and hear more from Max Chadwick? Read the rest of his Magento-to-InfluxDB blog and register for his August 16th Full Page Cache talk at NomadMage.

Max Chadwick

Max enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and going on long walks with his dog when the weather is nice.