How SD Monitors Your Magento Site’s Health

Does your agency know when something goes wrong on your Magento store?

At Something Digital, we developed a custom Magento healthcheck module aimed at solving exactly that problem.

The module’s core healthchecks are focused on monitoring several critical security protections. For example, we check that the /downloader directory (a common brute-force attack vector for Magento 1 stores) is not publicly available.

However, the module was built with extensibility in mind and allows custom health checks which are relevant to the requirements of individual merchants to be added.

For the technically-oriented crowd, the module features a simple “healthcheck” endpoint which returns a yes / no response. We leverage Pingdom’s reliable uptime monitoring service to regularly hit the endpoint. If anything goes wrong, a log entry is generated on the server with additional details about the incident and Pingdom sends us an alert, so that we can investigate.

The module has been rolled out widely across Something Digital’s client base.

If you’d like to learn more about our health check module or our process in general, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Max Chadwick

Max enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and going on long walks with his dog when the weather is nice.