Episode 56: Welcome Pete Sheldon and Tink Taylor



  • All the Benefits of Chat for your Business and How to Create Experiences that Convert 
  • Questions: 
    • Let’s start with this: In the context of eCommerce when we say chat, what do we mean and what is its value? 
    • How much is chat about establishing a relationship with your customers? Is the relationship more important/different in B2C vs B2B? 
    • What are a customer’s expectations for chat? Is there risk that if the experience isn’t a good one that you may lose a customer? 
    • Are there best practice SLA’s for chat (operating times, response times, pause times etc)? 
    • What about chat on mobile – should this be voice or text and what is the best platform for a retailer to use? 
    • Is conversational commerce all about chat, or does it have a broader context (product Q&A forums, support forums, voice based search / navigation etc)? 
    • Can and should chat experiences be more personal – when chatting with a real human, is video appropriate? 
    • Should retailers be more transparent regarding bot vs human with customers? 
    • Does covid-19, WFH and the gig economy make chat a more cost effective customer engagement platform for retailers vs email support, contact center etc? 
    • Is there a situation in which a merchant might not be a good fit for live chat? 
    • What are some of the pitfalls of a bad chat experience? 
    • There are a lot of Live Chat products and services out there. How should merchants decide which one to use? 
    • Are automated bot chats necessary? Give me an example of a good bot experience. 

Eda Gumusay

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