Episode 51: Gen-Z is the new Millennial


  • Supreme collaboration with Oreo cookie
  • Looking to attract Gen-Z to your brand? 
    • Digital Wallets
      • None of us are Gen Z, but being in the eCommerce business, puts us a little ahead of most in our respective generations: how often are you using digital wallets? Desktop? Mobile? 
      • Let’s discuss CARLY 
    • Payment Installments.
      • What’s the experience like? 
      • Ben Pressley of Afterpay, told SD in a meeting that less than 20% of millennials have a credit card, are these payment installment companies replacing credit cards? 
    • Subscriptions 
      • Which companies are doing subscriptions correctly and how are they accomplishing it? 
    • One-page checkout 
      • Creating more friction in online shopping experiences. What do checkouts like Bolt and Fast mean for that? 
  • Delivering Strategic Advice for Growth 
    • What does customer success mean to SD and how are we doing it differently than other agencies? 
    • What does SD need from a customer to be successful?