Episode 49: 2019 Review and 2020 Planning


  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/holiday-2019-lessons-learned/ 
    • Online retail grew by almost 20%: what are the main causes for such massive growth? 
    • It seems like you could get black Friday Deals starting November 1: is Black Friday dead and has it just turned into Black November? Our blog says the date of Thanksgiving matters, but with the above phenomenon is that still true? 
  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/sds-10-ecommerce-conferences-to-attend-in-2020/ 
    • What events will Something Digital be attending this year? Which are you most looking forward to? 
    • Something Digital at NRF. 
  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/2020-predictions-from-something-digital/ 
  • 2020 is the year of business oriented podcasts 
    • Are podcasts the new apps? 
    • Every company had an app 3 years ago, is every company going to have its own podcast now? 
  • Local will be cool again 
  • Has Shopify enabled this by making it easier on the entrepreneur to start an online business? 
  • Will Amazon taper off?
  • Consumers will shop their values 
  • Where is the line on the price/values chart? 
  • Does one’s spending power affect this? 
  • Does it matter what the reality is or is it all about how you market the company? 

Eda Gumusay

Eda was bit by the travel bug long ago so when she’s not at SD she’s probably out exploring a new place. When she’s not adventuring, Eda is a huge foodie and loves trying new things!