Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (08/29-09/02)

Maddie Style is Blowing Up

Source: Something Digital Blog is the latest creation to come out of Kahn Lucas Lancaster Inc. and Something Digital and it’s blowing up in a good way. After Maddie Ziegler’s Instagram announcement the site received over 6,000 email registrants in just two hours post-launch. It has also been featured in People Magazine. The official site launch is October 3rd.
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5 Mobile Marketing Methods to Build Your Ecommerce Brand

Source: Forbes

It should come as no surprise that a strong mobile presence is indispensable in today’s market. The average user spends most of their internet time on their smartphone as opposed to their desktop. For all brands to make the most of their marketing budget, it’s essential to focus a significant portion of efforts on the mobile audience. This is especially important for companies in the ecommerce sector, where the user-experience should be as seamless as possible prior to the purchase.
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Marketers leave text messaging untapped

Source: Internet Retailer

Mobile marketing methods, such as text messages and push notifications, lag email and social marketing, according to a recent study. Text messages remain an untapped marketing channel for many online retailers, according to the new study “Missed Opportunity.” Only 29% of retailers use SMS, or short messaging service, text messages to communicate to consumers.
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9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

Source: Business 2 Community

Digital marketing is not a job for the faint of heart. Your friends think you waste your days on Facebook, and your parents think you know things about “the internet”. But what do you actually do? Truth be told, digital marketing is tough. And that’s because the space that you work in is constantly changing.
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How to Increase Inbound Traffic through Earned Media

Source: PR Newswire

Branded content and blogs are a great starting point for driving consumers to your brand’s website. However, at the end of the day, earned media brings a unique value to inbound marketing that branded content cannot. Earned media has a way of amplifying your brand’s story and uplifting search rankings and brand visibility in ways that branded content cannot.
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Facebook lets retailers offer coupons to entice shoppers to buy

Source: Internet Retailer

Facebook revamps Offers to make it easier for shoppers to redeem merchants’ coupons online or in stores. Facebook Inc. has rolled out a dramatic mobile-oriented revamp of its Offers program, which enables retailers to offer consumers discounts that are redeemable either online or in store.
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