Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (08/12-08/19)

SD’s Phillip Jackson speaking at ZendCon 2016

Source: Something Digital Blog

The annual PHP conference ZendCon is one of the premiere events in the PHP community. Something Digital’s very own Ecommerce Evangelist, Phillip Jackson, will be speaking at ZendCon for the first time and continuing with his popular talk on automating PCI compliance.
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9 Tips for Writing Ecommerce Product Descriptions that Sell

Source: Forbes

One of the most common mistakes that is made when it comes to writing product descriptions is that copywriters simply describe the products instead of selling the items with the description to their target audience. But, how exactly can you sell your product in a product description? Follow these 9 tips and you’ll easily create seductive, unique, and informative descriptions that will move and motivate your customers into clicking the “buy” button.
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11 Foods That Can Help You Be More Productive

Source: Entrepreneur

What you eat during the day has a big impact on your productivity. So put those pizza bites down — they could be hurting your performance at work.
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15 Tips for Livening Up Things When Your Brand Is Getting Stale

Source: Entrepreneur

As trends change, old brands can easily start to seem outdated. What was fun and exciting only a few years ago can suddenly feel overdone as new companies come along and win customers. It’s important that businesses at least make small changes every few years to remain relevant. But if you change too often or too drastically, you can confuse the consumers who have come to know you under your current branding.
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