Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (07/06-07/10)

How Independent Retailers Can Leverage the Internet of Everything to End the Checkout Line

Source: Independent Retailer

Waiting in checkout lines is one of a consumer’s greatest frustrations when it comes to shopping. In fact, 52 percent of consumers report that they would actually take their business elsewhere if checkout wait times exceed five to 10 minutes. Independent retailers can end the frustration of waiting in line by using Internet of Everything (IoE) technologies such as mobile applications, Wi-Fi, sensors and predictive analytics to optimize the checkout or even eliminate it completely.
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10 Awesome Ecommerce Business Tips for Marketers for 2015


Ecommerce changes and alters and the sort of ecommerce we deal with in 2015 is different to any time before, although in a lot of ways the same. So, we’ve compiled a number of different tips based around experiences in the world of e-commerce.
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7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Web Design

Source: Business 2 Community

It’s no secret that retail has gone through a drastic evolution in the last few years. With the wide adoption of smartphones, retailers are forced to tackle a new set of challenges. Mobile has become yet another digital channel to manage, spreading marketing departments thin as they try to provide a cohesive experience across mediums.
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Social Commerce sales are expected to represent $14 billion in online retail revenue in 2015

Source: Inc.

If you’re an ecommerce business or have a service you’re trying to market, it goes without saying that you’ll want your audience to have every possible opportunity to make a sale. In the past social media was all about connecting with this audience, then trying to drive them to your website, and then trying to make a sale, but recently more and more social networks are cutting out the middle man.
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Conversion Focused Web Design – What Designers Should Know

Source: Business to Community

The internet is getting crowded and websites are no more a company display profile; they are actually the sales agent that helps businesses reach out to more targeted audiences and get leads and customers. You can easily find case studies of different brands where they change the color of the website and as a result their conversion rate goes sky rocketing!
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Three Ways to Get Your eCommerce Marketing Future Ready

Source: Huffington Post

The numbers continue to escalate for eCommerce sales which means the marketplace has become that much more competitive. Companies are devising new marketing tactics from Twitter sales to personalized ads to keep the cash flow booming. The predicted number of online sales worldwide for 2015 is said to reach a whopping $23.9 trillion compared to last years $22.4 trillion.
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6 Must-Test Elements of Your eCommerce Shop That Can Give Epic Wins

Source: VWO

It has never been easier to create an online business. Accordingly, competition has never been more fierce. To not just survive, but thrive … every element of your online business must be optimized for maximum conversions: sign ups, landing pages, product descriptions, buttons, design, and (of course) your copy. What you need is real data from real people to create real insights, real action and epic wins.
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