Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (12/21-12/25)

The Web in 2016: Long Live Responsive Design 

Source: TNW News

Responsive Web Design, or RWD for short, is an oft talked about and frankly invaluable discipline in the context of today’s design industry.
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8 Ways to Increase Website Conversions 

Source: Small Business Trends

If you run a business, you need a website. There’s simply no way around it. But have you given any thought as to why?
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5 Brilliant Ecommerce Christmas Ideas to Use in 2016 

Source: Growth Hackers

Need inspiration or ready-to-use marketing ideas? Here are 5 ecommerce tips based on buyers psychology that will help you reach out to your customers in 2016.
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10 Festive Infographics About the Holidays 

Source: Ecommerce Platforms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays are important for everyone, it is time for everyone to relax and spend time with their families, the time for frantic shopping for presents is over as stores prepare for the sales in January.
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Happy Holidays from the SD Team!

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