Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (12/12-12/16)

10 Digital Marketing and Sales Collaboration Tools to Try in 2017

Source: Business2Community

With 2017 less than two weeks away it’s important to understand your marketing and sales goals for next year. There are so many marketing tools out there that sometimes it’s difficult to decipher which ones are right for your company. If you’re as confused as the rest of us then continue reading for 10 marketing and sales collaboration tools to try in 2017.
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Part 2: Designing for Accessibility

Source: Something Digital Blog

Welcome to part 2 of our 4-part series for creating accessible ecommerce experiences. In our last installment we covered equitable design, and why creating accessible experiences is necessary for your business. In this piece we will focus on how to approach accessibility with specific site features.
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This Las Vegas Resort is Installing Amazon Alexa in Every Hotel Room

Source: Fortune

If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you know some of the resorts are over-the-top. Well this Las Vegas resort just took things to another level – installing Amazon Alexa in every room. The Wynn Las Vegas will be installing Alexa in every room by the summer of 2017. Alexa will be able to control the lights, temperature, drapes, television, as well as the 6,000 plus skills already available in the Amazon skills marketplace. I know that I’m excited for this new update – but what about you?
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Magento Masters Spotlight: Phillip Jackson

Source: Magento Blog

This year was the inaugural year of Magento’s top contributor program – Magento Masters. Phillip Jackson, SD’s Ecommerce Evangelist was chosen as one of the first Magento Masters. Now what exactly does it take to become one? See what Phillip had to say.
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5 Reasons Your Traffic is Increasing but Not Your Conversions

Source: Business2Community

You’re running campaign after campaign, you’re optimized for SEO and your traffic continues to increase but your conversions stay the same. This can be one of the most frustrating situations a marketer has to face. But if you look further into your work there could be some red flags that you’re missing. Continue reading to see what they are and how to fix them.
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