Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (11/28-12/02)

The 9 Best 404 Error Pages We’ve Seen

Source: Business2Community

No one wants to receive the dreaded 404-error page when they’re looking for a specific item. However, if you happen to end up on the 404 page it should at least make you laugh right? Here are some of the best 404-error pages that the folks at Business2Community could find.
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Proceed to Checkout: The Unexpected Story of How Ecommerce Started

Source: Shopify Blog

In today’s world you can buy almost anything with just a click of a button and sometimes even less than that. Run out of paper towels? Ask Amazon’s Alexa to order some more. Need more laundry detergent? No problem your washer can actually order it for you. But we haven’t always been able to do that so the question is, where did ecommerce start and what’s the story behind it? Read more here to find out just that.
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Why VR? The top 6 reasons to embrace virtual reality

Source: News Atlas

It seems like you can’t turn your head or read a tech blog without VR being mentioned. It’s one of the next big things in the ecommerce world. Can you imagine being able to try on clothes at a store from the comfort of your own home? I know I’m onboard with VR but here’s why you should embrace it too.
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10 Successful Ways to Make Interactive Media Convert Leads

Source: Business2Community

Trying to find new ways that will make your interactive content convert to leads? Here are 10 ways that you can improve your ROI on your interactive media.
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A Gourmet Experience: A look behind the launch of Mackenzie LTD

Source: Something Digital Work

Chesapeake Fine Food Group (CFFG) delivers high-quality, gourmet prepared foods that add flavor to everyday life and momentous occasions. Proudly owned and operated by women, the company oversees three brands—Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More, and Impromptu Gourmet. Something Digital re-themed Mackenzie Limited, making the ecommerce site responsive and appealing to users who, in an increasingly mobile-centric world lead busy lives, but take utmost pleasure in sharing food with friends and family. Want to see what else is different? Then you have to keep reading here.
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