Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (11/09-11/13)

SD Launches a new Magento Site

Source: Something Digital Blog

Congratulations to the SD team for successfully implementing Magento v1.14!
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Ecommerce Outlook, part 2: Online Payments Poised for Take-Off


The demand for online payment systems depends primarily on the speed, convenience, broad availability/acceptance and security of payments systems at the lowest possible cost.
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5 Survival Tips for Launching Ecommerce Sites in Global Markets

Source: Multichannel Merchant

More and more retailers are discovering the wisdom of “going global” with their ecommerce strategies, and are launching localized websites into new international markets.
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The state of e-commerce in 2015

Source: TNW News

The way consumers are finding products, interacting with brands, and making purchase decisions is changing.
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The Best Black Friday Deals We Already Know About

Source: The Motley Fool

Though it’s no longer the unquestioned start of the holiday shopping season, the Friday after Thanksgiving still stands as a sort of sales holiday.
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Tis the Season for Multi-Channel Commerce

Source: Huff Post Business

Statistic Brain’s compilation of data from the U.S. Commerce Department, Internet Retail, ComScore, Inc. and Forrester Research revealed that 87 percent of online users have made purchases online, which could explain projected figures that have U.S. online purchases moving from nearly $350 billion in 2015 to $440 billion by 2017.
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5 Problems Small Ecommerce Retailers Could Face in 2016

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Ecommerce continues to grow, representing an increasing share of total retail sales. As more and larger online stores open, small sellers may face new business-threatening problems in 2016.
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