Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/31-11/04)

Part 1: Accessibility is Necessary

Source: Something Digital

At Something Digital we approach design in a unique way. We purpose to make the user experience meaningful and personal for all users. With more people shopping online now than ever before we face myriad challenges when approaching an accessible design: everyone from the permanently disabled to the temporarily disabled; from an amputee purchasing running shoes to a mother holding her newborn in one arm and purchasing diapers with a free hand via her mobile device – designing for all means we have to keep a number of things in mind.
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5 Things to Know about E-Commerce before Opening an Online Store

Source: Huffington Post

Interest in E-Commerce is quickly becoming a popular subject for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. From platforms like Etsy to WooComerce, making and selling your own products, as well as opening an online store, has never been easier. Although it is possible for almost anyone with a WiFi connection to open a store, there are many things to consider before taking that step, if you want to make good sales. Before you open an online store, a great deal of research should be done so that you don’t pay the price of failure later.
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Let’s Brand Me Up! The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Source: Forbes

When driving your business online, doing your job well isn’t enough. The world is too big a place. If you want to be noticed, you simply must take advantage of something more noticeable; digital marketing, to be specific. The goal of any marketing campaign is to establish a brand, an identity that allows you or your organization to be distinguished from all the other doppelgangers out there. It’s a simple strategy, really. Create unique and high-quality content, drive plenty of eyeballs to it via promotion, give your audience a reason to keep visiting. That’s how you create a brand.
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60% of Traffic But Only 16% of Sales: Solve the Mobile Web Challenge for Good

Source: Business2Community

The mobile industry is booming and more people than ever are visiting online retailers via their mobile devices. However, although many consumers use their convenient and accessible mobile devices to browse eCommerce sites, mobile still lags behind in terms of overall dollars spent, totaling a much more humble 16% of total eCommerce spend. It is clear that the majority of businesses are struggling to optimize their mobile web offerings and thus failing to secure conversions from mobile web shopping experiences.
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What Kind of Shopping Cart Software Can Help Your E-commerce Store Grow?

Source: Huffington Post

When it comes to building a multi-million dollar business, choosing the right platform can make or break the growth of your e-commerce store. The right features of an e-commerce platform can help your business grow in profits and credibility. Choose the wrong platform and you might find yourself drowning in time consuming procedures and processes that will deplete your energy and time. With e-commerce steadily growing, it can be overwhelming to figure out which platform provides the best kind of shopping cart. What kind of impact can you expect when investing in the following shopping carts for Shopify, Shopping Cart Elite and Magento?
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