Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/26-10/30)

SD is throwing a Sweet 16 Party!

Source: Something Digital

Join Something Digital as we celebrate 16 years in business!  Enjoy a variety of food, drinks, and music!

Promoting SUPEE-6788 to production?

Source: Something Digital

Patch the patch to catch any issues with APPSEC-1063
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Rethinking customer service this holiday season


The difference between a business website and an e-commerce site lies with design. For online stores, it is not enough to have a ‘beautiful’ website.
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E-Commerce Horror Stories: Halloween Edition Part 2

Source: Huffington Post

Running an online retailer, just like any other job can be extremely stressful, especially when having to rely on the internet for success.
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4 Ways Pinterest is Useful for Non-E-Commerce Brands

Source: Search Engine Journal

Just because your business doesn’t sell products online doesn’t mean you should be ignoring Pinterest.
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How Phones Are Taking Over Ecommerce

Source: Mobile Insider

Just a couple of years back, few would have believed that smartphones could emerge as the ecommerce channel of choice among most consumers.
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No Detail Too Small For Cart Abandonment Mitigation


Retailers that neglect facilitating customers along the path to purchase might not see more significant results of their inattention than in shopping cart abandonment.
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